SEO Tips to Rank higher on Google in 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is changing as the days are passing. That’s why we need to know how we can rank higher on Google. 2019 is also going to be a tough year for Bloggers to do SEO. We need good planning and strategy to get rankings on Google. So, let’s discuss SEO Tips for 2019.

What is SEO?

Before we give you the strategy to Rank on Google first let’s know about What is SEO. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the way by which you can rank your website to the top of the search engines so that more people can see it.

15 SEO Tips to Get Higher Rankings in Search Results

Here are 15 SEO tips to rank higher on search results.

1. Focous on Your Content

Content is the first thing we need to optimize for Good SEO. Without good content, it is hard for a Website to get good results. So, the content should be informative and value adding. We need to write in depth and the best content on our website in 2019 for having good Ranking.

2. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the second most important thing to do for having better SEO. On-page optimization means that we need to use the right tags, category while writing the post. So that Google can easily read our post and understand that what is in our blog. We need to take Google as a reader and provide all the information which is easy to read and understand. If your on-page optimization is good then it will be easier for you to rank higher in Search Results.

3. Branding

Branding also helps the website to get higher rankings in Search engines. That’s why we need to build a brand of our blog. Branding gives our website direct search traffic, people will directly search for your brand in search engine and the authority of your brand increase.

4. User Interface

User Interface means how your website is looking, what is the color of your website, how’s the log of your website is looking. If your website has good User interface then visitors to your website return again and again which helps you to boost in your earning.

5. User Experience

User Experience means how the visitors to your website are behaving after opening the website. You need to customize your website for having a good user experience.

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6. Mobile first Strategy

Google’s algorithm ranks those websites higher which are mobile friendly. Which means we need to make a mobile-friendly website to get higher rankings in Google search result. You can also use AMP(accelerated mobile pages) for the mobile blog.

7. Videos

Well, you might be thinking how videos can help you in SEO and ranking on Google but a report says that 80% of people will love video content till 2021. So, start making videos on YouTube and embed it to your blog posts. Videos also help you to manage the bounce rate on your website. You can also use Infographics as an alternative to Videos.

8. Voice Search

Nowadays every 2 out of 5 adults like Voice search instead of typing the keywords. So, be ready to have resulted in voice search. Google will show the only first 3 results as voice answer and if your website is ranking good then it will be easier for you to get snippets in google search results.

9. Add SSL

Google has officially mentioned that they prefer secure website more in search results. So, always use an SSL certificate on your website. There are many paid and free SSL Certificate available but choose the best for your website. I will recommend you to go with free SSL of Let’s Encrypt or you can choose the Paid plan of Cloudflare(its free version is not that much good).

10. Good Speed

Good speed also helps your website to rank higher on search results. Imagine if your website takes 2 seconds to open and your competitor’s website takes 3 seconds to open then Google will rank your website higher in search results. A report says that if a website takes more than 4 sec to open then it has a high bounce rate. Thus, we need to maintain the Speed of our website. You can check the speed of your website with Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix

11. Good Authority

Authority makes your website popular. So, focus on building the authority of your website. Authority can be built by Branding which I have mentioned in 3rd point. Authority and Branding will help you to get the trust of Google.

12. Backlinks

Many people have this question that Is backlinks matters in SEO? The answer is YES but in 2019 it matters less. There was a time that the algorithm of Google completely depends on backlinks but nowadays it only matters 5-10%. Instead of building links focus on writing good content. And if you want to build backlinks You need to build genuine backlink which means that building backlinks through comments will not work in 2019.

13. Social Shares

Social shares also play an important role in SEO in 2019. Google identifies how much social share your posts are getting and then it will give you ranking in search results.

14. Structure Data

Structure data means that how your website looks in search results. For example, if you see these two result in Google, on which you are going to Click?

SEO Tips to Rank higher on Google in 2019

Of course 80% of people are going with the second result because it has good structural interface in search results. Thus, integrate a good structural data for good search results.

15. Rich Snippets

Nowadays people looking for the solution to their problem/question on google. Hence, write your blog posts as the answer to the question, it helps you to gets the Rich snippet, high rankings, and good traffic.


These are the 15 SEO Tips which will help you to Rank higher on Google in 2019, I hope you guys like it. If you know more SEO tips Please share it in comments and must share this post with those who are not getting traffic on their blog.

Thank You.

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